New Players

Process for String Players

Audition Parts

String players, please prepare the three excerpts included, as follows:

"The Marriage of Figaro" Overture — Mozart

Prepare only the first seven measures. The challenge is to make all the bowings as smooth as possible, all the necessary shifts as smooth as possible, and all in the pp dynamic. Since all the strings play in unison, intonation is more crucial than ever. Use no more than six inches of bow in the the middle.

Symphony No. 4 in F minor, mvt. IV — Tchaikovsky

Prepare from rehearsal A to rehearsal B in the last movement. We are looking for a big, bold sound at a brisk tempo.

Symphony No. 2 in D, mvt. II—Brahms

Prepare from rehearsal C to rehearsal D. Smooth long bowing is the key here, as well as some significant intonation challenges.

Sight Reading

You will be asked to play a short passage at sight. We are looking for your to choose a tempo that is comfortable for the whole excerpt, good intonation, and observation of dynamics.

Sheet Music

Violin 1

Violin 2


Winds and Brass Sheet Music